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End the Embargo on Cuba

Thanksgiving Coffee Co. created End the Embargo Coffee in 2001 to raise public awareness about, and advocate the end of, the 44-year-long US embargo against Cuba - one of the longest and harshest economic blockades in history.

The embargo prevents us from offering coffee actually grown in Cuba. Instead, until the day the embargo is lifted and we can bring you authentic Cuban beans, we use fair trade, organic beans grown by small-scale family farmers in Nicaragua, a country that has also suffered as a consequence of its strategic location in the "back yard" of the United States.

Our commitment to Not Just a Cup but a Just Cup means:

Havana Bay

Commitment to economic justice: We pay fair trade prices to small-scale family coffee farmers in Latin America, Asia and Africa - and we plan to do the same for Cuban farmers as soon as the embargo is lifted.

Commitment to environmental justice: We buy organic, shade-grown beans that protect bird habitat. Cuban coffee will meet our standards:
- Cuban farmers do not use pesticides: The coffee is organic.
- Cuba is a key habitat for migratory birds that travel between the Eastern and Central US and the Caribbean and South America. As a first-stop on the migratory path, its forests are essential to the survival of dozens of species. Our goal is to buy coffee from Cuban farmers who protect bird habitat by buying their coffee at fair trade prices.

Cuban stall

Commitment to social justice: We oppose the embargo as illegal and immoral. We support engagement, reconciliation and normalization of relations with Cuba.

We donate 15 cents from every package of End the Embargo Coffee to an organization that shares our goals: U.S. Cuba Sister Cities Association, a non-profit organization incorporated expressly to assist any individual or institution in the U.S. in establishing a successful partnership with people and communities in Cuba. See

"It's time to get rid of the illogical and archaic travel and trade embargo on Cuba...This policy is clearly broken and it is up to us to fix it."

Five Reasons to End the Embargo
  1. A majority of 85% of Americans polled in 2000 favored ending the embargo.
  2. The embargo is bad for business; key agricultural and business interests oppose trade restrictions.
  3. The embargo hurts Cuban families, not the government.
  4. Coffee! The embargo prevents us from supporting shade coffee farmers in Cuba who provide vital habitat to dozens of migratory bird species.
  5. The embargo is condemned by the entire world; just three countries voted with the US at the United Nations in 2004 (Israel, Palau, Marshall Islands, with Micronesia abstaining), 179-4.
Five Actions You Can Take
  1. Buy the coffee; use it to educate friends, family and colleagues about Cuba.
  2. Sell the coffee as a fundraiser for your local work; Buy it wholesale to sell at community events or farmers' markets, or arrange group orders.
  3. Lobby your state and federal representatives.
  4. Write letters to the editor.
  5. Stay informed; Log on to for up-to-date news and information on US-Cuba relations, including new travel and trade restrictions instituted in 2004.

Updated October 2005

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